Restaurant Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Have you ever thought about trying restaurant email marketing? Restaurant email marketing can offer numerous potential benefits for your business, and with this thought in mind, it’s well worth considering whether this could be a good option for your needs. Luckily, our friendly experts are on hand today to help you find out a little more about the key restaurant email marketing tips and tools you should know.

Are Restaurant Email Marketing Tools Effective? 

Restaurant email marketing tools are often considered ineffective since they don’t always provide a reliable solution for many brands. However, while it’s easy to blame the tool for this, in reality, it’s often the campaign’s features that hold email marketing back.

After all, with 4 billion daily email users, the potential market is massive – that’s around half of the total population every day! Thus, with an effective restaurant email marketing campaign, you could reach out to around half of your local target market. Plus, great campaigns result in around one in four emails being opened – so around one in ten of your local target market could potentially engage with your emails if done right.

6 Key Restaurant Email Marketing Tips and Ideas to Boost Conversions 

If you’d like to try email marketing for your restaurant business, there’s a lot to love. Fortunately, the following restaurant email marketing tips may help you make the best use of your tools.

#1 Start with a Strong Subject

A strong subject line is one of the most crucial things you’ll need for email marketing. Your email subject is what customers see first of all, and this will directly impact whether or not they open your email. As such, a strong restaurant subject should include information about what your customers might enjoy – such as a hint of your new special offer or menu items!

#2 But Don’t Clickbait your Customers!

When making a subject line, it can be tempting to overexaggerate things to encourage readers to click through. For example, you might want to include a subject that reads, “Enjoy a free meal on us!” 

However, if you only clarify that the free meal is only available after customers spend lots of money on other meals, this will likely only infuriate your customers. In turn, this could leave them annoyed and disgruntled at your brand, which may harm your reputation and standing with your community.

No one likes clickbait. So, try to keep your subjects honest, to the point, and accurate – without hiding crucial information. There’s no point in getting more clicks if they don’t actually convert to new diners, after all.

#3 Make the Email Personal

Did you know that you can drastically increase your chances of success with email marketing just by making your emails personal to your customers? Addressing your customers by their name and personalizing your email content can significantly increase click-through rates and transactions. What’s more, a slim majority of customers won’t even consider an email if it’s not personalized – so this is a vital step to ensure that your restaurant email marketing tools are effective.

Don’t forget to make it personal to your own restaurant, too! Make sure your sender details are accurate and descriptive to help reassure customers your email is legitimate and not spam!

#4 Include Images

Part of the overall dining experience comes in your food’s visual appeal. As such, if you really want to seal the deal once your potential customers have read your email, make sure to include mouthwatering photos of your recipes. This simple trick is an excellent way to ensure your potential customers engage with the email – and finish reading the email wanting more! 

#5 Include an Easy Booking System at the End of the Email!

You’ve hooked their attention, and your reader is completely sold on the offer you’ve sent them! Now, all that’s left to do is seal the deal by including a powerful call to action and a link to your restaurant’s booking page to help them book a table.

Once they’ve booked a table, a potential customer is much less likely to forget, change their mind, or not bother – so it’s crucial to finish your emails carefully in this manner to ensure they don’t go elsewhere. After all, you want to share your recipes with them – and booking their table is the first step in this regard.

Fortunately, professional restaurant app development tools such as OrderAx make it easy to create your perfect booking system. Why make this harder than it has to be?

#6 Don’t Spam Your Target Market!

So, you’ve had excellent results with your latest restaurant email marketing tools – and you’d like to give it another try? Well, don’t get too hasty, as sending too many marketing emails to your customers will likely make them feel bored. Instead, you should always try to spread out marketing emails carefully.

You should only send them if there’s a genuine reason to – for example, a new menu item, a special offer, or an event. This helps ensure every email is appealing to your customers, reducing the risk of them ignoring your future emails after an initially great result with email marketing.

Final Thoughts 

If you’ve been thinking of getting into restaurant email marketing, you may want to keep today’s tips in mind to help. Restaurant marketing tools can offer a highly effective solution to grow your restaurant. However, integrating these may not always be simple, which is why it’s important to ensure you’ve established your restaurant email marketing campaign effectively to boost conversions.

Don’t let your email marketing campaign fall on deaf ears! Integrate today’s six restaurant email marketing tips and discover a new way to market your business. Also check out our other article about how to marketing your restaurant.

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