Best WordPress Restaurant Themes

In many cases, creating your restaurant website can seem like a challenge – but this shouldn’t have to be the case. With this thought in mind, in many cases, finding the best WordPress restaurant themes can be incredibly helpful to ensure that your restaurant app or website is created in such a way that’s easy and rewarding to use. 

Luckily, with this thought in mind, our friendly experts here at OrderAx have outlined some of the key things you need to know about the best WordPress restaurant themes to help.

Why is it Important to Start With the Best WordPress Restaurant Themes 

So, you’ve sorted out your web hosting – but the next problem can quickly become apparent here. As standard, web hosting won’t necessarily come with templates, themes, and designs included, and even more expensive plans don’t necessarily include templates. This can leave you wondering about how to design your new restaurant website. 

Fortunately, if you have been wondering about this, plenty of brilliant options can help you start your website effectively – and the best WordPress restaurant themes play a direct role in this.

So, what are the best WordPress restaurant themes, and why are these important? Well, the best WordPress restaurant themes make it far easier for your customers to place orders through your website. 

Doing so massively increases the chances of making a sale or conversion, boosting your customers’ experiences with the brand and simultaneously improving your business’s cash flow. As such, the need to get with the times and embrace digitalization is more vital than ever before.

What are the Best WordPress Restaurant Themes? 

Finding the best WordPress themes can massively boost your sales and conversions – and this doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, either. However, allowing enough room in your budget to invest in a great WordPress theme is also an important goal (that many people sadly overlook). Even so, this simple change can make a huge difference in terms of your website’s success.

But remember: creating your restaurant app and website doesn’t need to be a difficult decision. With tools such as OrderAx, this process becomes massively easier as a result. However, it’s important to remember that the theme you choose can significantly impact your website’s long-term success.

#1 Grand Restaurant – $64

Without a doubt, one of the best WordPress themes on the market has to be the excellent Grand Restaurant theme, which is expertly designed with restaurant websites in mind. Grand Website includes a huge array of different designs and ideas, including over 100 pre-made page templates. This makes it an excellent option to consider if you have been looking for full customization of your website’s design.

#2 Restaurant – $79

Sometimes, the simplest options tend to be the best, and the Restaurant theme could be excellent in this regard. It’s one of the pricier themes on the market, but its excellent versatility and customization potential ensure that the template is incredibly easy to customize and tailor accordingly. There’s just something delightfully simple, sophisticated, and elegant about this brilliant theme, so it’s no wonder many businesses have integrated it successfully with their designs.

#3 Eatsy – $69

If your restaurant offers home delivery services, the Eatsy restaurant might be just what you need. The Eatsy theme offers full support for restaurant ordering systems, covering everything you might need to build your restaurant website and home delivery solutions. 

Its distinctive style and bold design ensure that the theme works wonderfully on numerous different platforms. Moreover, thanks to the 24/7 customer support, you know that you’ll always be able to get help and advice when you need it.

#4 Restaurant Vincent – $59

Sophisticated and refined, the Restaurant Vincent theme is an excellent option to consider if you have been looking for a simple to use and easy to customize restaurant layout. While it’s not the most complex theme on the market, if you need something quick and effective that will make a big impact, Restaurant Vincent might be the ideal option to consider.

#5 Bakes and Cakes – Free

The distinction between restaurant and bakery websites is often surprisingly significant. With this thought in mind, the Bakes and Cakes theme might be the ideal solution if you have decided to launch a bakery rather than a local restaurant. 

This unique theme allows you to really show off the best of your culinary creations, making it an excellent option to consider if you have plenty of photos to show off your work. Better still, it’s also incredibly quick, which makes editing this awesome theme a breeze!

As a further benefit, if your budget is already feeling a little limited after paying out for web hosting, the Bakes and Cakes theme comes with a free option. However, for ultimate customization, you’ll want to choose the Pro package, which offers a huge range of seven headers, over 600 Google Fonts, 16 social media integration options, and so much more.

#6 Ultra – $59

Ultra is a specialist WordPress theme that is designed with numerous different applications in mind. As such, if you have been looking for an all-in-one, easy to use tool that can do it all for your restaurant website, Ultra could be the perfect solution.

One of the key benefits of the Ultra theme is that it offers a huge amount of choice. And, while there are several themes focused specifically on restaurants, there’s no reason you can’t push the boat out and try one of their other website themes as well.

The theme also comes with several add ons that help make it easier to build your new WordPress restaurant website, including a pricing table, progress bars, countdowns, timelines, and so much more. These handy features make customizing your restaurant website even easier than before.

The standard Ultra package starts from $59. However, if you want to get the most from this incredibly versatile theme, the Master Club design is priced at $89 and exceptionally powerful. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to try out the demo version before getting started, as well.

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