Best Restaurant Ordering Platforms in 2022

When it comes to your business, ensuring you have the most relevant solutions in place to keep in touch with your customers is absolutely vital. However, in many cases, creating your own custom restaurant online ordering app can seem like a challenge. With this thought in mind, today, we have outlined some of the key things you need to know about creating your new restaurant app with the best restaurant ordering platforms as follows. Hopefully, this will help you approach the challenge of making your new app easily and without any pain!

The Benefits of Creating a Custom Restaurant App for your Business 

Why does your restaurant need a custom online ordering app or platform? In many cases, this is a vital question since many restaurants and cafes overlook this important feature. However, three of the main benefits of having an online ordering platform for your restaurant include the following points:

  • It makes ordering delicious meals easier for your customers, helping reduce the risk of customers giving up just before placing an order.
  • Custom restaurant app systems help streamline the ordering process, minimizing errors and making it easier to keep on top of orders.
  • With an online ordering platform, you’ll significantly boost your restaurant’s professionalism – helping make your team more competitive and appealing to the target market.
online menu ordering system

online menu ordering system

Is Creating an Online Ordering App Expensive?

Unfortunately, we have a little bad news to deliver at this point: creating any app from scratch, even a seemingly simple one, will come with a significant expense. After all, coders have to spend hours on hours manually hand-creating the code for your app, which naturally can accrue a significant fee. 

However, there are ways to cut the costs of creating your custom restaurant online ordering platform app. The simplest way to go about this is to choose the best app-creating platform on the market to make things a little easier.

online ordering platform

The Best Restaurant Ordering Platforms in 2022

Creating an app doesn’t have to be a complex procedure – however, with the best custom online ordering platforms in 2022, it can be massively simplified. Some of the best platforms that we’d recommend trying to create your own restaurant ordering app include the following:

  1. OrderAX – A powerful platform for restaurant that want their own Ordering Website and app. Free-to-use res tool that’s powerful and designed for small businesses in mind, OrderAX offers numerous features. This helps streamline the process of creating your online ordering system; new features are also continually under development. You get your custom restaurant app within a few hours.
  2. Menu Drive Online Ordering with built-in marketing for driving your business needs.
  3. Deliverect Updating online menus doesn’t have to be such a repetitive task. With the Deliverect Menu Builder. you can make changes to multiple menus across multiple locations with just one click.
  4. Flipdish – Flipdish is everything you need to take orders direct from your own sites and apps, offer digital ordering from kiosks or phones, and grow your business with marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Other Notable Mentions

In addition to the above restaurant-exclusive custom online ordering platforms, you may have also stumbled across the following development apps in 2022.

  1. RestolabsOnline to Dine-in. Accept & Manage all orders in one place.
  2. Phygital24Run your business using an eCommerce webstie and mobile ordering app. Take advantage of in-built payment, shipping integration, discount engine and more for free
  3. Taliup Make your restaurant’s online ordering system work for you and let your brand shine through.
  4. Bentobox Elevate your brand, grow your revenue, and engage your diners with one platform.

How to Develop an Online Ordering Platform for a Fair Price with OrderAX

So, we’ve clarified that you’ll likely need a large amount of savings to develop your own online ordering platform or app from scratch. However, this can often leave many people unable to afford the expense. Surely there ought to be a better solution?

Well, there is! With OrderAx, you can easily and quickly create your very own custom restaurant app using our intuitive technology and systems. This allows you the maximum level of creativity while designing your restaurant app while keeping the costs of production substantially lower overall.

Whether you’re looking for an iOS app, an Android app, or both, our expert technologies are the ideal solution to help bring your dreams to life. So, why choose anything else? Make the right choice for your restaurant business with help from our experts today.

Final Thoughts

Have you been looking for new ways to create your own custom restaurant online ordering app, but you’ve been feeling a little unsure about how to go about this? In so many cases, creating an online ordering platform – while valuable – comes with extortionate price tags that simply are not feasible for a small restaurant, café, or business. However, with our custom online restaurant ordering app solutions, you can make your very own app without the massive expense or challenges. 

Remember: making an online ordering platform can help grow your restaurant business in numerous different ways. As such, the importance of this decision cannot be stressed highly enough – and we strongly recommend you give our specialist custom restaurant online ordering app a try.

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