Are Self Checkout Machines going away?

Check out this article done by CBC. It was reported that three Canadian Tire locations in Toronto has gotten rid of their store self checkout machines because they were “a pain to use”. It is difficult for me to comprehend the reason behind as I simply see this as a Human vs Machine Efficiency issue. Most people will agree that Machines overwhelms Humans decisions when it’s designed properly.

I should say that the stores had some great points and reasoning behind why this isn’t currently working for them but I must also say that instead of completely removing the self-checkout machines, they need to take a closer look at the machines and the possibility of getting better machines with their software and hardware working greatly together. I have used self-checkout machines at these so called big retail stores, and I must say I was not impressed. In my naive opinion, 80% of the self-checkout machines I have used felt so wacky, had a bad user experience (UX) and were not intuitive. If you are a restaurant or a store looking to get your own online ordering app, visit our website today.

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